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Need web hosting in Victoria BC

We keep a number of servers available for our clients and we will always have one physically in Canada so that we can keep our email protected under Canadian privacy laws.

We could post hosting prices, server types and even affiliate programs but why bother, you know what you need and what you want to pay for it. Let us know what you need, what price point you are needing to keep under and where you would like the server located and we can either put you on one of our existing servers or find a server which works best for you. Currently we have data centres in Vancouver, near Toronto, and near Austin in the US.

Benefits of Canadian Web Hosting

As Canadians, we want to keep our data within Canada. Our privacy laws do not allow the sale of our information and we want to keep it that way. For our important sites, we have Canadian only hosting. If there was enough interest for web hosting in Victoria BC, we would be willing to set up a server here as well. Currently our closest is in Vancouver.



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