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We would be more than glad to work with you to increase your visibility on the major search engines. Some of the things we recommend that you do before we help you create a marketing campaign may help you save quite a bit of time and money in the future. Here is a short list of some ideas on how you can get ready for an effective marketing campaign.

  1. Avoid New Domains

    Do not purchase a new domain unless you have to, an already existing domain has many marketing advantages as a new domain may be delayed in getting indexed. This is not the final word though, for instance, they would not choose to not list a new political candidate's web site just because the domain is new so there are definitely exceptions to the rule. The main reason for this particular change in their algorithm is to make it harder for people to cheat the system by having low content, spam sites that rank well because they are written to confound the search engines, not provide good content. By not listing them at all, Google avoids the issue altogether with the thought that someone is not going to risk getting their already established, long owned domain banned for spamming the search engines.
  2. SSLs Are Essential

    Make sure you buy an SSL for your site. The is an easy way for you to set yourself apart from the spammers, just simply register an SSL for your domain.
  3. Target Audience and Languages

    Know your target audience and even more importantly, what language do they speak and what is culturally appropriate visually for your site. This information is invaluable. Your site might be in English but when you put up a German version, you may find your business triples. That would indicate that much of your target audience lives in Europe and speaks German. The information you collect on your target audience is invaluable when choosing web design, keywords and key phrases as well as the copy you write for your site. Keep in mind that colours can mean different things for different cultures. Give that some consideration when building and branding your site.
  4. Keyword Selections

    Spend as much time as possible researching your keyword and key-phrase selections. The phrases you think your target market might be searching for could quite possibly be incorrect. Try not to shoot for general, single, keywords because they are very difficult to achieve high rankings for and may be much too broad to get the kind of traffic you are looking for. Instead try to target keyword combinations that will work well for a number of different possible word combinations
  5. Website Structure

    Design your site to make it easy to find the information or product you are offering. If you organize your site into clear and concise areas where you provide the content in simple, navigable ways, this will immensely help your marketing. One of the main complaints on the internet is that people simply cannot find what they are looking for. If people cannot find the information they require in an internet search, and also when they actually get to a site that is supposed to have what they are looking for, they have a habit of giving up.
  6. Make Your Site Easy to Crawl

    It is important to think like a search engine when designing your site. If the search engine cannot crawl all of your pages, cannot make it past your javascript buttons or cannot see content in images, your site will be much more difficult to market. There are several tricks to making your site easy for search engines to navigate it, the most important of which is simply to make sure your code is crawler friendly and doesn't contain elements that cannot be seen by the search engine crawlers.
  7. Follow All Rules

    ALT attributes on IMG tags are important as they permit images to have a text description. They are required, so they should be on every single picture on your site. With the alt tag added, you can now make sure that your images contain text that is as descriptive as possible, using keywords that are helpful to your web marketing plans.
  8. Check your Copy

    Make sure you write good quality copy for your sites. It is important to write text that is appealing to your readers. This is important not only to the fact that people will enjoy visiting and reading your site but the search engines will also be able to spider and identify what your site is really about. Most importantly, if you provide good content, other site owners will be more likely to link to your site. As an added tip, your copy must be text, not images containing text with the copy in them.



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