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What are the main differences between the web's most used server-side languages?

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The first cool thing about PHP is the name, it;s a recursive acronym meaning PHP: Hypertext Processor. Developed as an Open Source add-on to Open Source web servers, it is the ideal candidate for web development. Widely adopted, it's syntax is C, Java and Perl inspired though it is not exactly a typical syntax. PHP and the Open Source server Apache can run on all the most common operating systems and even some of the rare ones. If you want a complete solution from being able to create websites on your desktop or laptop and then upload them to the production server, PHP is really the easiest to implement, program in and get off the ground quickly.


The question often arises, why use a Microsoft based language. The answer is clearly that with a language like PHP, there is no call centre to answer your technical issues. With C# and the relating server solutions, Microsoft Windows Server and MSSQL, if you have an issue, there are teams of technically proficient people ready to answer your call at Microsoft. Only this language has that advantage which is why C# and the .NET Framework are widely used by Government and big business.


Javascript is a bit different as it is a prototype-oriented web programming language. That's to this syntax, Javascript allows you to modify code in real time by adding attributes and methods, quite easily. Thanks to NodeJS developed by Google, you no longer have to download the Javascript to the browser for it to run, you can now run it server-side, gaining all the advantages of the language without having to worry about issues getting it to work in the browser. Javascript is also the backbone of jQuery, a very versatile and useful library that facilitates adding Javascript to your site.



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