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We are Victoria Web Designers and Programmers

"What is the best way to have a web presence and make it work for me?"

Great Service

e Web Designs in Victoria BC excels at doing exactly that. We will work with you to create a perfectly tailored web site and further help you develop the traffic you need to make that site a financial success. Already have a web presence and need some marketing help? We have helped customers just like you develop large amounts of traffic for their projects.

We can achieve instant results with pay per click marketing campaigns while we work to develop excellent natural rankings on Google, Bing and others. We can also assist you in streamlining your already successful business by building internet based management systems to facilitate information access and to increase the efficiency of your company and operations.

Budgets Big or Small

Whether you are a small business starting out, or a large business looking for integrated eBusiness solutions, the web developers and programmers at e Web Designs in Victoria BC can help.

Our integrated network of web design, graphic design, photographers, programmers, and marketing professionals can provide you with the help you need to power your online presence. You have access to the full spectrum of web development options at e Web Designs.

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Web Design Services


Web Site Construction

While we are located in Victoria BC, we can be effective web designers and perform superior internet marketing for you where ever you are in the world. Let our team go to work for you. Give us a general idea of what you are after and let us loose or, if you prefer, provide us with all the information and content and we'll just follow your instructions.

Well-designed mobile-first sites that are fast, easy to navigate, streamlined, and efficient. We will custom design your site to your specifications or work with your designer of choice to turn the design you are looking for into a well programmed website.

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Dynamic Solutions


Database Driven Websites

If you require database driven dynamic content for your internet site, let us help you design the most efficient system. With our solutions and expertise, we can get the job done at a fraction of the cost of other dynamic programming options. You can also choose from our many already completed add-ons to increase the functionality of your web site design for a flat fee.

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Advanced marketing solutions

Low cost traffic generating plans and marketing strategies to fit almost any budget. If you need more traffic to your existing site or would like us to market your new site, our marketing department is keeping up with all the latest developments so you don't have to. Anything is possible, from industry exposure for your site to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month, we can guide you all the way.

Outstanding Support

Committed to offering our customers unsurpassed service and support. A client coordinator will ensure that you understand the process of building, designing and marketing your web site, so that you are completely satisfied with the results.

Efficient Marketing

Our marketing team will work closely with you and the designers to ensure that you build a site that will be able to achieve your marketing goals.

Ongoing Assistance

We will be there for you all along the way as you expand. Just let us know if you need anything or want something clarified, we will always have time for you. Our commitment is to the highest standards of quality. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

The Way Forwards

Latest Tech

Using the latest web technologies to complete the systems you require. The latest version of Bootstrap, HTML5, Vanilla Javascript, PHP, Node.js, Next.js, React and more, all at your fingertips!

Easy to Edit

Clean coding is just the first step. We build our sites in a modular format, making it very easy to add the new or remove the old. You will have a choice, allow us to keep your sites up to date or, if you prefer, we can build a system that allows you to do the work yourself.

Business Success

Our business model is built on your business success! In Victoria BC or anywhere else in the world, we can provide you with the service you need to make your web site, and consequently your business, meet your goals!.



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