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"What is the best way to have a web presence and make it work for me?"

What is the Best web programming Language

One question we get all the time is what would be the best programming language to choose for building a site or connecting databases to the web. Well, really, each language has benefits of its own. It also is a good idea to mate a language to a database. If you want to use MSSQL, you should use ASP NET. If you would like to use MySQL, you should program in PHP. Using React for your project, Firebase is a good choice. As an alternative, PostgreSQL is another excellent database choice and can be paired with PHP and other server based programming languages. Now that Javascript libraries have come so far, there is also the option of using a Javascript server and front end like Node. These combinations make websites fast but special care is needed to maintain good practices where SEO is concerned.

Which one to use

Now the big question, which is the best language to use. Again there are several different factors to consider. In this area we truly try to make sense of the different languages and what they are best used for. Most common language at this point, both for it's programming versatility and wide adoption is PHP. It is well suited to most projects. Other languages include React, Node and more but

What we choose

We are the first to admit there are things that only Microsoft products are able to do but we feel the best language all around has to be PHP/jQuery. With the massive amount of resources online coupled with the amount of free content to modify on your behalf, PHP makes development a breeze.

At any time, if there is something you would like to know, or if you have a project that you would like to discuss, let us know, we would love to offer you solutions of how e Web Designs can help you achieve your online solutions in the most efficient and fastest way possible.



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