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Choose e Web Designer in Victoria BC for outstanding professional service, effective web marketing and conception to complete web site construction.

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We understand how important your web site can be, as a internet business card, a colour catalog and a storefront with millions of potential visitors. Our primary goal is to develop your web presence in a professional, attractive & informative manner while also taking into account functionally and effective search engine optimization. We will assist you in every step of the planning, design, implementation and most importantly, we will continue to support you as you begin to use and benefit from your new or redesigned web site.

Web Site Design

In order to achieve the exact web design you are seeking, we can meet with you either in person or on-line to conceive, create and realize your exact needs. We will work with you to realize the design you desire, or we can work directly with your graphic designer to convert your ideas into web ready pages. Your web site can also include user interaction, can be enhanced with web ready tools such as event calendars, reservation systems, catalogs, shopping carts and more. And of course, if you'd like to take care of your sire yourself, all of our added modules come with our "no code" administrative sections that allow you to change and update your web site without having to call us every time you want to make a change. You can simply do it yourself easily and quickly.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your company's web site is complete, the next step is to make your site available and visible for potential customers to find. This is accomplished through the proper use of keywords and key phrases, strategic link building programs and advertising campaigns to suit your budget. Anyone can build a web site, very few can build it to attract lots of traffic. We are very skilled at search engine optimization and we keep up with the latest information in order to stay ahead of the search engine changes that affect rankings.

Reasonable Advertising Rates

We realize your company's advertising budget is an important issue. Your annual expenses for web page advertisement should be less than running a full page ad for one week in a national newspaper and will bring you more traffic. We will show you how to maximize your on-line advertising dollars and provide you with expert guidance on where you spend those dollars effectively.

Professional Photography

If you are looking for high impact images we can provide whatever you need. We can either scan your existing photos to produce high quality visual presentations of your products and services or we can arrange for one of our partner photographers to take the pictures you are visualizing.

Custom Logo & Graphic Design

Our graphic design team is second to none. With a little input from you and a lot of talent and creativity, we can create the "look" you want. We also have full in house capability to create your letterhead, business cards, even print ready t-shirts. Just let us know what you need.

Simple and Intricate Forms

Forms play a valuable role, from gathering simple information such as potential customer e-mail addresses to full blown applications and surveys. We take forms to the next generation of information gathering with our tested and proven methods of data mining from web visitors. Choose from forms that are simply mailed to you to complex data mining systems that allow you to collect information about the visitors to your web site.

Online Shopping with Secure Transactions

We can develop an enhanced marketing strategy for your business products through the use of on-line shopping carts and secure credit card transactions. We have several different options for adding simple or complex shopping systems tailored to your products.

Domain Name Registration

We feel your business would benefit with the use of your own Domain Name in either the .com ( or your country designation, for instance, .ca (, we can handle the registration process for you, administer your domain on your behalf and host your web site on one of our web servers for very reasonable fee. You will own the domain but we will handle all of the hassles of administering it. Drop us a line for the latest prices for our services. You will find we are very competitive.

PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ASP, Node, React, Javascript, jQuery

Many web sites can be drastically enhanced with the use of what is considered server side code. We have the experience in these areas and can easily implement such features into your web pages. When adding these types of features, anything is possible!

Your Web Site Is Important

It is our firm belief that your web site will play an ever increasing roll in your profitability and it is our goal to help you and your company to succeed! We want you to realize a return on investment with your site. We expect that it should make you money, not cost you money and we have the experience and ability to make that happen!



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