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Internet marketing has taken a serious turn over the last few years. At the onset of the internet, the search engines were looking for content to link to. The net was small, there was little interesting information and if search engines were going to provide something for people to find, they needed to look hard and wide for the information. So the original search engine algorithms essentially crawled the internet to find content, any content, that matched search terms. As the internet began to expand, the search engine algorithms changed to be able to properly sort this new found content into information that suited and information that didn't.

So Search Engine Optimization was quite easy in the old days. The engines weren't smart enough in the beginning to discern if the content you were providing was actually good quality or not. That was why you could add 1000 keywords to your page that was the same colour as the background, and appear at the top of the search engine rankings. The old algorithms would be confused and presume that since you had the most number of your keyword on the page, you must be the best content and would stick you at the top of the list.

As the search engine optimization industry found new and better ways to confuse the search engine algorithms, the search engines found better ways to filter out those efforts to reach the top of the search engine rankings. Many new tricks appeared and disappeared as the engines made them ineffective. As time progressed, and the search engines became better and better at filtering out good content over content that was trying to cheat to the get to the top, the cheaters actually started to be penalized for trying to cheat the search engines.

In the recent past, the search engines started to realize that making it as difficult as possible to achieve top rankings for your keywords could be a multi-billion dollar industry. So, making it as difficult as possible for search engine optimizers to achieve high rankings means the search engines make more money through the pay per click advertising campaigns.

The old days of making an optimization change on Monday and seeing the results by Thursday are long gone. The new game is so complicated it is too hard to explain, but for the person who doesn't have a whole team of search engine optimizers, there is are some simple answers to good search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

So now we should tell you how to make your web page appear at the top of the search engine rankings without having to work hard for it. Simple, buy pay per click advertising. This is exactly what the search engines want you to do. In reality though, there is no easy way of achieving good search engine rankings, the search engines have made that true because they cannot make money if it is easy. There are, though, some really simple things you can do on your own to do well for your search terms.

  • Secret #1: Write content on your site that the search engines want to have in the search
  • Secret #2: Don't try any search engine tricks, they will just hurt your results
  • Secret #3: Write code on your site that is validated so the search engines don't get errors
  • Secret #4: There are no secret ways to get good search engine rankings

There is little that the personal web site owner can do with their site that makes them able to beat the search engines easily except for the obvious, which is provide content that the engines WANT to link to. If you do this, coupled with some other simple actions, you can pretty well guarantee that you will have a successful web site

What we aim to do with our clients is to provide some of the services above and beyond what you might be able to figure out on your own. We do the research, we follow the trends, we make it so you don't have to know what works and what doesn't. There are many different things to be learned in the new Search Engine Optimization world, and we make sure we follow up on all of the newest changes to the industry.

We keep your site at the top of the rankings by doing what is neccessary, and so you don't have to. There are many different ways for us to achieve this for you with quite a broad range of prices so please, just contact us and we can have a look at your web presence and recommend changes so that you too can be at the top of your search engine keywords.