Our Clients

Over the 10 years e Web Designs has been fortunate enough to be recommended to a diverse range of clientelle. As we have done work mostly by word of mouth, the types of sites we have done represent a broad spectrum of clients. To be honest, we cannot think of any site types we haven't worked on except for the ones we refuse, for instance Adult, gambling or hate sites.

Over the last 5 years eWEBDESIGNS has been working almost exclusively with Vacation Rental Companies to develop Content Management Systems able to control inventories of properties online without having to hire a programmer everytime you want a new listing created. With the latest client, EMR Vacation Rentals, we have even developed a complete booking system to compliment the property listing management system origionally built for EMR. The two together make a very powerful combination, allowing the staff and owners of EMR Vacation Rentals to control all aspects of thier business from wherever they can access the internet.